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Dr. Kimball Taylor
Founder and President

Dr. Kimball Taylor is a Family Physician who resides and practices in Cardston, Alberta, Canada. His first trip to Israel was in 1987, and he quickly fell in love with the land, and the people. Since then, Dr. Taylor has been to Israel many times, and never tires of the wonder of it.

In an effort to increase his knowledge and understanding of the country and the heritage of the Jewish people, he has been pursuing a Master’s Degree in Jewish Studies in Chicago for the past few years. This has resulted in a realization of the struggles faced by the Jewish people, past and present, and a deep appreciation for the covenants God has made with this “Peculiar People.”

Dr. Taylor founded “The Children of Israel Foundation” on April 6, 1998, to provide an avenue whereby Christians could assist in blessing the lives of those of The House of Israel wherever they may be in need. The Foundation serves to strengthen ties between Christians, Jews, and Muslims and to promote understanding and assistance.

Dr. Taylor completed his medical school and training in Family Practice at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He has practiced in Cardston for many years and is a member of The College of Family Physicians of Canada and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Taylor is a nationally recognized speaker on the subject of “Stress and Depression”, and has lectured across Canada. He has also been affiliated with “BYU Education Week”, and has also lectured extensively to Christian groups about Israel in Canada and the USA.

Dr. Taylor and his wife, Marianne (Evans), have four children: Rebecca, Leslie, Mark, and Timothy.

A practicing Christian, Dr. Taylor has a great love for the people and land of Israel, and a firm belief that God’s promises to His covenant people and to all those who reside in the Holy Land will be kept.

Michael Ballam Ph.D.
Board Member

Michael Ballam has had an operatic and recital career spanning two decades and four continents. A native of Logan, Utah, Mr. Ballam has performed in the major concert halls of America, Europe, Asia, Russia, and the Middle East, with command performances at the Vatican and the White House. His operatic repertoire includes more than 600 performances of over 70 major roles. He has shared the stage with the world’s greatest singers, including Joan Sutherland, Kiri Te Kanawa, Birgit Nilsson, and Placido Domingo, performing regularly with such companies as the Chicago Lyric, Santa Fe, Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and San Diego Operas.

Mr. Ballam also currently serves as General Director of the Utah Festival Opera, a company he founded in 1993. It has become one of the nation’s major summer festivals, with growing national critical acclaim.

E. Jan Wilson D.O./Ph.D.

Board Member

Dr. Wilson is a physician who also received a Ph.D. from Hebrew Union College in Hebrew and Cognate Studies. He lived in Israel for several years, where he spent time at Hebrew University and also worked on the translation of cuneiform tablets at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem. He has participated in archeological excavations in Israel, and has published several articles and books on the languages and religions of the Ancient Near East. More recently, he was responsible for creating an electronic Dead Sea Scroll database and for the digitizing of early Aramaic Christian manuscripts both at the Vatican and in the Middle East.

Bruce Woolley, Pharm.D.
Board Member

Previously a Professor of Pharmacology and Nutrition at Brigham Young University, Bruce Woolley is a career educator in the fields of pharmacology and nutrition and has also served as Managing Director, Health Services, Brigham University for ten years.

Dr. Woolley is a much sought after speaker and a world authority on several subjects, including international health. He has lectured in all fifty states of the United States and in over twenty foreign countries. He is widely published and serves on several State and National committees. Dr. Woolley is also the founder and Executive Vice President of “Collegium Aesculapium”, a group of physicians who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Children of Israel Foundation is pleased to be associated with Dr.Woolley and thanks him for the support of “Collegium Aesculapium.”
Bruce is married with four children and eleven grandchildren.

Zvi Raviv

Board Member

Mr. Raviv, a native Israeli, greatly loves his country and people. Retired, Mr. Raviv served as the Director General of the New Jerusalem Foundation where he was responsible for all social, cultural, and, and educational programs within Jerusalem. Mr. Raviv also served as the Chief Advisor to the Mayor of Jerusalem. He coordinated the city’s contacts with Jewish and non-Jewish communities worldwide, establishing social, economic, and cultural ties between the City of Jerusalem and its supporters. Previous to this, Mr. Raviv served extensively for Keren Hayesod/United Israel Appeal Worldwide.

In 1967, Mr. Raviv was the first person to advocate freedom for Soviet Jews to immigrate to Israel. The organization he founded ultimately changed Israeli government policy under Prime Minister Golda Meir.

Mr. Raviv served in the Israeli military in the wars of 1967 and 1973. In every aspect of his life, Mr. Raviv tirelessly champions Israel and its Holy City.

Mr. Raviv is married and has two children.

Dal Zemp
Executive Director

A spectacularly successful businessman, Dal Zemp has served in senior executive positions in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Salzburg, Austria. Even so, his corporate accomplishments have not detracted from his desire to reach out to the less fortunate, especially disabled children. His extensive work for the World Special Olympics and the Children of Israel Foundation underscores his leadership acumen and charitable heart.

Mr. Zemp and his wife, Amy, have six children: Timothy, Trisha, Michelle, Matthew, Emily, and Kimberly.

Andrew C. Skinner, Ph.D.

Board Member

Andrew C. Skinner served until recently as the Dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University. Prior to that appointment, Dr. Skinner served as chair of the department of Ancient Scripture at BYU. He is the author, or co-author, of over ninety publications.

Dr. Skinner earned his BA in History from the University of Colorado, then his MA in Jewish Studies from the Iliff School of Theology and his ThM in Biblical Hebrew from Harvard University. He was awarded his PhD in Near Eastern and European History, specializing in Judaism, from the University of Denver.

Dr. Skinner and his wife, Janet Corbridge, reside in Lindon, Utah. They have six children.

Deanna Sykes R.N.

Deanna is an ER Nurse who has organized and participated in several medical missions to Haiti and Cambodia. She has treated the poorest of the poor in the both the western and eastern hemispheres and is committed to relieving suffering to those with the greatest need. She is a disaster response volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross, has helped with humanitarian work in Sderot, Israel and served with Sar el Volunteers for Israel. She has trained with the Israeli Health Ministry and Israeli Defense Force – Medical Corp in medical emergency and disaster response.

She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management. Deanna’s love for Judaism and the Jewish people has led her to become involved with WIZO-Hadassah CHW in Calgary where she now serves as co-president of the Tikvah Chapter. She also sits on the Board of the Calgary Council of Christians and Jews and feels her life has been enriched by her association with such fine people.

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