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Park in the name of Kimball and Marianne Taylor

In gratitude for the remarkable service given by The Children of Israel Foundation Inc., The City of Jerusalem recently named a City Park in honor of Dr. Taylor and his wife Marianne. Pictured here are Dr. Kimball Taylor and Mr. Zvi Raviv, The Director General of the New Jerusalem Foundation, at the unveiling of a plaque dedicating the Park in the name of “Kimball and Marianne Taylor.” Dr. and Mrs. Taylor thank the Board of the Foundation and their many supporters who have helped to bless the lives of so many of the residents of Jerusalem.

Dr. Taylor with Senator Joe Lieberman

Dr Kimball and Senator Joe Lieberman at the Religious Libery Award Dinner on Capital Hill in Washington DC, October 7, 2010

Letter from Mayor Ehud Olmert 

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel, wrote this kind “thank-you” note to Dr. Kimball Taylor, President of The Children of Israel Foundation Inc. The Children of Israel Foundation Inc. enjoys a close relationship with many civic leaders in Israel and Jerusalem.

Excerpt from Righteous Gentiles by Sheila Raviv

Published in “Bimah” magazine:
In this world of fast fame and fast money, instant gratification, there are some special people who think only of the good of their fellow men. Among them, few and far between, there are the rare good souls who act on their good intentions with incredible and wonderful success. Meet three of them. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, a Jew who founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in Chicago, Dr. Kimball Taylor, a Mormon Christian Doctor from Calgary, Canada and Pee Kuliveina Calvanist Christian from Holland.

r. Kimball Taylor is a family doctor, a good man with a great love for his family, for God and for Israel. He is not a rich man but has managed to convey his deep love, for Jerusalem in particular, to some 900 Mormon doctors and many more ancillary medical staff who have raised enough money to provide a special medical clinic for the Ethiopians. Kimball Taylor cried when told of the Ethiopian woman that came to the doctor at Givat HaMatos and said that her heart hurt. Her doctor rushed her to the hospital where the frightened lady underwent every test imaginable……to find out later that she meant to say that she was sad. After hearing this story the group of doctors funded a special clinic with trained Ethiopian women to translate both language and emotions. Another project Dr. Taylors group has taken on is a Community Centre in a particularly poor area of Jerusalem with a high percentage of new immigrants. Thanks to his help the Pat Community Centre is thriving and provides classes and social meetings including special programmes for new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union.

Each year thousands and thousands of Christians, particularly from the United States and from Holland, but from places as far flung as Samoa, Korea and Sweden, come to show their love. When disasters have happened here, it is the Christian groups who strengthen their numbers and come to help us be strong. It has been my honour to have been involved, at a second-hand level, with all of these people and their projects. My husband, Zvi Raviv, in his capacity of Advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, has been deeply involved. This involvement with such amazing people has shown him a side of Jerusalem that he did not know existed. It is thanks to their will to help that we are not only aware of the problems but have a solution.

The lesson to be learned is that friendship is precious from every source. It need not come from within, sometimes it is all the sweeter when it comes from without. Maybe the new Bishop of Llandaff would like to meet or contact these glorious humans who would love to show him their Jerusalem, as indeed I would. My greatest joy is having met Kim, Dr. Taylor, who has become one of our closest and dearest friends. To see his joy, sitting with us for Friday night supper, the candles reflected in his eyes, sharing our lives, is to understand the words…A Righteous Gentile. These men are truly “Lights unto the Nations”.
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